About Us

Our mission is to create quality eco-friendly beeswax products that champions healthy living, and conscious consumer behaviors. We source raw material locally, and proudly craft our product in New York.

Our product is 100% natural and undergoes no chemical processing. Our candles begin with natural yellow beeswax granules, or virgin white beeswax granules as they come from nature. Our classical candles have a natural honey aroma, and our essential infusions have only 100% pure essential oils. No paraffin. No lead

We meticulously test different wicks and quality of beeswax for each product. Our pillar candles use square braided 100% cotton wicks. Wick sizing varies based on width and length of candle to ensure a long clean burn without soot or tunneling.

Our candles are hand-crafted in small batches and cured for weeks before being packaged for shipment. Our “classic beeswax” line of candles use no added essential oils. And all scented lines of beeswax candles are crafted in separate boilers and visibly labeled.